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The Facts

The Hot-Water-Rocket-Car was designed, developed and constructed by ten students from the Gymnasium Remigianum in Borken, Germany. The goal of the project was to build a means of locomotion that only requires one litre of water. As it can be seen in the videos, the final result is rather impressive: The RocketCar can travel a distance of more than 25 metres while it carries 10 kilograms of mass.

In 2007 the RocketCar won the Movement-Award at "Innovative Technologies Move Europe", which is an international competition organized by "Science on Stage" and sponsored by "Lenord + Bauer".

The Developers

In 2006/2007 the RocketCar was designed, developed and constructed by the following grade 12/13 students of the Gymnasium Remigianum Borken:

The Team: Jürgen Schmelting, Stefan Schulze Schwering, Sebastian Goderbauer, Henrik Wilming, Jan Wetter, Olaf Minte, Johannes Hoppenau, Michael Goderbauer, Tobias Bonhoff and Tobias Finke
The Managers: Rudolf Bertram and Günter Niehues
The Foreground shows an early draft of the RocketCar made of wood, which was build to test the steering.

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